KLIMAS Fasteners is one of the leading manufacturer of the highest quality fastening technologies in Europe

KLIMAS India is ready to provide various fastening solution!

for: Facades/Glazing/Cladding, Elevator, Doors and Windows (UPVC, Aluminum, Wood&Steel), Glass Railings, Roofing and Cladding, Sandwich Panels installations, Etics, Flat Roofs, Timber Construction, Hand Rails, MEP applications, Chemical Anchoring & Rebaring, GRC Installation, Grills and Invisible Grills, Fire doors and Various OEM Applications

  • First fastener company In India having display centers at 9 locations
  • First fastener company In India having 9 warehouses through authorised partners at 9 locations to ensure On Time Delivery
  • We provide Pull-Out Testing machines in all major cities for the On-Site Pull-Out Testing
80k +
m2 production area
4 production plants
30M +
pcs of metal fasteners
produced daily
21M +
pcs of metal fasteners hardened daily
9M +
pcs of plastic fasteners
produced daily
warehouses in India

Why us? Benefits for your company

  • On time Fast Delivery
    to every partner and customer owing Big Centralised Warehouse based in Mumbai
  • Technical Support
    comprehensive, through qualified KLIMAS India team
  • Pull-Out Assistance
    Faster on site through KLIMAS India and our Authorised Partners
  • fair pricing
    Offering thereby optimising the costs of the project for the fasteners
  • Certified products
    guaranteeing the safety of use even in the most advanced applications

High quality fasteners manufacturer

With a wide product range in our portfolio, we can offer a variety of fastening technology solutions to suit any needs. Engineers and contractors all over the world appreciate and trust our fasteners. Our highly qualified employees provide professional advice and reliable assistance in selecting the appropriate fastening elements. They will help to solve problems and ensure professional and effective cooperation

Offer Products we are proud of

Anchoring systems
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Anchoring systems
  • Mechanical anchors
  • Chemical anchoring systems
  • Concrete screws
Framework fasteners
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Framework fasteners
  • Frame fixings
  • Hammer drive fixings
  • Metal anchors
  • Universal fixings
  • General purpose fixings
Fastening system for lightweight cladding, roofing and walls
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Fastening system for lightweight cladding, roofing and walls
  • Mechanical anchors
  • Chemical anchoring systems
  • Concrete screws
System of fastenings for thermal and hydro insulation of flat roofs
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System of fastenings for thermal and hydro insulation of flat roofs
  • Plastic sleeves
  • Self-drilling and self-tapping screws screws
  • Support washers and accesories
Systems for thermoinsulation wallsfasteners
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Systems for thermoinsulation wallsfasteners
  • Fasteners with plastic pin
  • Fasteners with metal pin
  • Special fasteners
Screws and fasteners for wooden constructions
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Screws and fasteners for wooden constructions
  • Construction screws
  • Fastening of roofing systems to timber substrates
  • Fastening of wall thermal insulation systems to timber substrates
  • Screws for wooden flooring and decking
Screws and fasteners for joinery
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Screws and fasteners for joinery
  • Screws for window manufacture
  • Screws and fasteners for window and door installation

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    Who are our customers?

    Who do we supply our fasteners to?: Window Producers/Installer, Façade installers, Rebaring contractors, Railing and Balustrade Companies, Sandwich Panel and Roofing Contractors, Elevator Companies, Wood Construction Companies, General Construction Companies as well as Consultants and Architects

    About us We produce

    Klimas Fasteners, the largest Prodcuers of Fasteners in East and Central Europe is a company with its own modern production base in Poland

    Thanks to modernly equipped production plants, the company is independent at every stage of product development. Production of Klimas Fasteners, largest Prodcuers of Fasteners in East and Central Europe, fastening technologies is held in 4 modern facilities, located in Poland. The Company has launched production in its third facility in which, with use of state-of-the-art technologies and applications, implements the assumptions of the Industry 4.0. programme. Klimas for 10 years has been continuously awarded with the best brand in Poland.

    Production process of steel products:
    • Top-quality raw-material from European steelworks
    • Various steel grades
    • Own R&D department
    • Extensive machine park
    • Hardening (heat treatment)
    • Application of protective coats
    • Possibility of painting heads and washers to RAL colours
    • Quality control at each production stage
    • European Technical Approvals (ETA) and Polish Approvals
    • Technical Support in terms of Design Calculations

    Production process of PLASTIC FASTENERS:
    • Highest quality production materials
    • Appropriate flexibility is guaranteed by conditioning of polyamide products
    • Own production using the highest quality hybrid injection moulding machines with robots
    • Automatic packing process: from carton/blister to pallet wrapping